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This is how it easily works:

Global Glam Opportunity

The black hair care industry generates billions of dollars, I will show you how to build a glam hair business from ANYWHERE 

with love, Multi-Glam Founder Nickia King

Our Hair Glam Kits Include a Website, Ambassador Codes, A Hair Kit, and Consistent Business Training

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Our Luscious Glam Hair Opportunity allows you start for very low! This works by using our glam ambassador codes on the website to build a clientiele base. In time you can upgrade with one of our Hair Business Glam Kits that includes a bulk of products, a website and daily training to grow your business. Imagine becoming your own glam boss earning 6 figures or more doing what you love!!

This is a International Opportunity

(VIP Training Provided at all levels)


Start foR VERY LOW